Your Power to Inspire. Happy Holidays! (photos & audio)

May your holidays be filled with laughter and love and remind you of
your power to inspire your world and how much you inspire mine.
Thank you. Love,


Click on the start button to hear a short 3 min. story about the power of love
during the holidays excerpted from a recent live presentation.

Laugh as much as you breathe, love as long as you live.
~ Anon ~


Self with a Capital “S”

On my walk today, it was low LOW tide. With the storm having passed, the beach was filled with all sorts of treasures. Two of my favorite finds are always little white pebbles and egg-shaped rocks, both of which I found this morning. As I was nearing the end of my walk (up Piney Mountain, down the cliffs to the beach – about 3 miles), I noticed I had only one of my favorite edamame-green fleece gloves in my pocket.

My first thought was, “Oh shit. Here I go again losing another glove (on a daily basis substitute sunglasses, camera chip or battery, ipod cord, thumb-drive – the lost or misplaced object du jour…).” I turned around and couldn’t see the glove in the near distance so for a moment (or ten) I contemplated whether or not the glove was worth the time to backtrack the mile and half where I may have dropped it while picking up stones.

I thought, “What if I don’t find it? What if it got washed out to sea? What if someone picked it up? Do I really want to go back and look for something I can replace relatively easily? Do I have the time?

And then, this is where it got interesting. Continue reading


What Inspires You in Difficult Times?

As I finished my meditation early this morning I had this really pleasant wave of gratitude flow through me for the gift of being alive. It’s amazing to me that such a little moment, “a fleeting nanosecond actually” compared to all the “Big Moment” experiences I’ve had out in the world, can bring on such a deep feeling of peace and fulfillment. It’s as if my whole body is smiling.

After this swell swept through me, I had this thought: what if the next adventure¬Ě after death is even better than this? I felt excited, rather than afraid as I normally feel. Not that I want to die anytime soon to find out what’s next. This life, even with its challenges, is still so full of inspiration, especially when I choose to pause and be present to it, that it brings me to tears. Did you see the full moon the other night! And that sunset! And the clouds at sunrise yesterday morning over the ocean as a storm was rolling in at Torrey Pines Beach!

I’m reminded of my friend Krista Green, a brilliant personal branding coach and equally wise and bright light in my world.

Shortly after I met her, we went to a concert at Humphrey’s at the Bay here in San Diego to hear the awesome singer/songwriter Keb Mo. After the concert, which was so full of good juju, we were walking out to the car and I asked her a question I like to ask new people I meet:

“What do you do to stay inspired in difficult times?”

She responded without a pause, “I don’t.”

I was stunned. In all the years I’ve asked that question, I’ve never heard that answer. The circuits in my brain literally jammed for a second. When my mind came back, I asked, almost a little indignantly, “What do you mean you don’t?”

She smiled and said, “I just live in what is and that always inspires me.”

Thanks, Krista. Now I remember.

This moment, I live in gratitude for the gift of being alive and I am inspired. What about you?