Inspiration From an Armless Toe-Playing Guitarist (video)

Inspiration met me at Balboa Park along the Promenade. I found musician Mark Goffeney, born without arms playing the guitar with his FEET and singing The Beatle’s song, “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away.”

I walked away from those few minutes connecting with Mark thinking, “If I ever tell myself again that I can’t do something that I really want to do, or something isn’t possible…think smiling armless toe-playing guitarist.”

And then I had a flood of other thoughts – what gave him the idea that he could play guitar with his feet? Did his parents encourage him? What did he do when he wanted to give up? Where did his courage come from? What kind of thoughts does he have to create this kind of success and joy? Mark’s story is a powerful testimony to looking for your unique gifts in your challenges and loving the life you’ve been given.

When I watched the video again, I heard the lyrics to The Beatle’s song clearly and realized I’d never thought much about the words to that song before because I loved the melody so much and it fit a lot of my teenage angst when I first heard it. But with all due respect to the genius of John Lennon and the pain of heartbreak, seeing Mark and the joy he brings to others, the song really should be retitled, “You’ve got to GIVE your love away.” Mark, you do, along with your courage and creativity! Thanks!


You can learn more about Mark at



2 thoughts on “Inspiration From an Armless Toe-Playing Guitarist (video)

  1. Hi Mary,

    My name is Jo Ann Biviano. I am a singer/songwriter/pianist from Moorestown, NJ. I have written a song about 9/11, entitled “I’ll always Remember”. It is a song about reflection and the dichotomy of the day. My goal is to have this song heard all over the world by 9/11/11. I hope that the song will be relevant and soothing to the listener.

    I was reading your very impressive website. You seem to be a woman that “makes things happen”. I would be honored if you could place my song on your website to inspire others.

    I can send you an mp3, or you can view the song on utube:

    I wish you peace.

    Jo Ann Biviano

  2. I love Jo Ann Biviano song I’ll Always Remember. My husband is riding in an escort to bring 2 steel beams from the World trades center to Indianapolis. On the home page to inform everybody about the event this song is playing. It brought tears to my eyes. I hope lots of people hear this song because it wonderful. I hope she sees this message. Thanks Cathy Kippert

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