Inspired Action: Do You Have Inspiration Deficit Disorder?

“Success is not to be pursued;
it is to be attracted by the person you become.”

~ Jim Rohn ~

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This headline really got my attention this morning: Do You Have Inspiration Deficit Disorder?

While I’m not a fan of negative labeling, I’ve learned that most people are more apt to first pay attention to the problems in their lives and then how to solve them and wait for inspiration to arrive. If that’s you, stop waiting. What often happens is that we get stuck in retelling the problem instead of taking inspired action and creating an inspiring result.

For as long as I’ve been researching, speaking, consulting and coaching on how to stay inspired and enthusiastic through challenge and change, one of the most common “Yeah, but” responses I hear from people is that the idea of living an inspired life is a luxury to experience after you’ve slogged through the hard stuff rather than a necessity that will ease you through the hard times – and in some situations even prevent unnecessary hard times that we’ve self-created. What side of the fence is your mind leaning on?

Don’t let naysayers or your Inner Critic tell you daily inspiration isn’t important. When you decide that inspiration is a necessity to your well-being and seek it out every day, I promise you, your daily stress and disappointment will lessen, your moments of inspiration will multiply, and your results will bring you more joy.  Inspiration is life-saving. . .when you allow it in. And that’s the challenge isn’t it, especially when life seems to have other plans for you.

While every day isn’t easy for me, it is definitely easier when I make looking for inspiration a daily priority, which is why I’m so grateful for you. You help me stay inspired by looking for resources to help you inspire yourself and others.

Here are four resources to bring more inspiration to your health, relationships, work and the people you love (and those who need more love).

1. This is a 2-for-1 Winner. Spiritual Teacher Jonathan Ellerby has a new book Inspiration Deficit Disorder, which highlights how to end high stress and low energy. Tap into four intentions – clarity, integrity, courage, and compassion while paying attention to the four felt experiences of intuition, vitality, love, and connection. Read an excerpt and get a free 30-day trial subscription to Good News Network at the same time (my news of choice).

2.  When I find myself stuck or feeling low energy at my desk, I do something that most bosses would discourage but most stress management experts would tell you lowers your stress immediately and increases your energy and performance. Take an inspirational video break on YouTube or Facebook. The problem isn’t viewing these sites during work for a few minutes, it’s getting lost in them.

A focused energy builder of one to three minutes watching an inspirational video is healthy and productive for you, especially when it inspires you to get back to work with more gratitude and enthusiasm on a rough day. Here’s a video that is guaranteed to take you to the finish line. Never Give Up In Life – You Raise Me Up.

3. If you weren’t able to listen in on the Ask the Expert call I did on “I’m So Glad You Asked: The Power of Appreciative Communication,” sponsored by, you can listen to a complimentary replay for a limited time, as well as bring the program to your organization for team-building or customer service training.

You’ll learn the secret to powerful positive self-talk, how to influence the four personality styles (director, entertainer, socializer and analyzer) by appreciating what they value; three questions to ask to turn criticism into performance-building feedback, and the five best ways to appreciate others and yourself. Listen to the replay.

4. Have You Found Yourself Wishing for Extra Support to help you:

* Move through a challenge or stuck place in your life
* Discover and apply your “original blessing” and strengths (Do you know what they are? Are you using them?)
* Role-play talking points to shift a sticky communication issue with another person
* Relieve and end a stressful situation
* Reconnect to your Intuition and Creative Spirit to
jumpstart a goal, dream or project

Call or email me to for a complimentary call to help you get started, back on track, or jump to a new level. It’s safe, fun, meaningful and gets results. No obligation, think possibility and results. If you’re in San Diego, I also do these exploratory conversations while walking at Torrey Pines Reserve and Beach — healthy, supportive, inspiring, and action-oriented.

Here’s what songwriter Kathryn had to say about her session, “Sometimes a stranger and a listening ear is all you need to provide a safe ground for your heart to let go of pain and recognize the wonderfulness that lies just waiting beneath the surface. Thank you Mary for being that person for me yesterday.” Learn more.

I love hearing from you so please let me know how you are and what else you’d like to see in these updates. As always, I am…

Inspired by your presence,




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