Mom, You’re the Real Hero in the Family. Happy Mother’s Day.

“Life is short, life is precious. Don’t wait, do it now.”
~ Mom

My mother showed me in words and actions that the greatest gifts we give each other are our presence and appreciation. Here’s a story from my book, My Mother, My Friend to help keep that in mind and celebrate Mother’s Day.

Mom, You’re the Real Hero In The Family

Last Photo with Mom

The phone rang at 2:40 a.m. I heard Jeanne’s voice, “Mary? Mom’s free now. She just took her last breath.”

“I’ll be right there,” I said.

The ten-minute ride to the house was filled with thoughts of regret, guilt and sadness. I was exhausted and had left the house at ten o’clock, kissing my mother good-bye and saying, “I love you.” I thought I felt her squeeze my hand ever so lightly.

Why didn’t I stay? I was glad that Eileen and Jeanne were there with her but I wanted to be there too when she left her body. I’ve always felt strongly about not wanting to die alone and wanting someone I love to be holding my hand when I die. I wanted that experience with her and yet, I never asked her what she wanted.

The house was lit up when I got there. Mom was still warm, but beginning to cool. Her skin was this odd shade of cream with a glow that still shines in my mind’s eye. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and wondered if her spirit was hovering about. Continue reading


Inspired Action: Do You Have Inspiration Deficit Disorder?

“Success is not to be pursued;
it is to be attracted by the person you become.”

~ Jim Rohn ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This headline really got my attention this morning: Do You Have Inspiration Deficit Disorder?

While I’m not a fan of negative labeling, I’ve learned that most people are more apt to first pay attention to the problems in their lives and then how to solve them and wait for inspiration to arrive. If that’s you, stop waiting. What often happens is that we get stuck in retelling the problem instead of taking inspired action and creating an inspiring result.

For as long as I’ve been researching, speaking, consulting and coaching on how to stay inspired and enthusiastic through challenge and change, one of the most common “Yeah, but” responses I hear from people is that the idea of living an inspired life is a luxury to experience after you’ve slogged through the hard stuff rather than a necessity that will ease you through the hard times – and in some situations even prevent unnecessary hard times that we’ve self-created. What side of the fence is your mind leaning on? Continue reading


Happy Thanksgiving! The Best Question to Ask…

“If you only have one breath left, use it to say thank you.”
~ Pam Brown ~

I’m still breathing, thank you, and…thank YOU.

I wondered whether to send a Thanksgiving appreciation because I’ve always secretly thought that the main reason businesses (and people in professional services like mine) sent them was to do subtle marketing and I didn’t want to play that game or have people think that.

But then I read the quote I included above just a few minutes ago and realized I was buying into the same cynicism that my life is committed to replacing with inspiration, appreciation and enthusiasm. In an instant I remembered there is never a bad time to say thank you. Never. Ever.

So here I am, beyond grateful and deeply humbled by the remarkable, kind, loving, generous people including you, who continue to touch my life and remind me of what’s really important.

As one wise woman said to me after one of my programs, the most important thing I’ve learned is the most important question of all, “How can we love each other better right now?”

I second that emotion!

You are so good at loving me in your unique creative ways. You give me your time, you’re still on my contact list, you open my emails and answer surveys, you send me appreciation, you tell me the truth when it’s sometimes hard to hear but I need to hear it, you hire me, you listen to me at speeches, you read my books, you share your heart, you open your mind – and mine – to new possibilities. When I question myself you encourage me to keep going. You live with such grace and commitment when it’s really hard, and you keep going when it would be easier to give up. YOU inspire ME.

Thank you.

Love, whether we call it appreciation, gratitude, hugging, smiling, laughing together, crying together, holding hands, standing for each other, or just listening, Love is the ultimate Thanksgiving. Please let me know what I can do to love you better.

May you and I and all beings have many breaths and many thank you’s remaining in our lives. Happy Thanksgiving.

Love, Mary