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Clients utilize Mary’s speaking skills and topics in a variety of formats: as a keynote speech, breakout session, half-day seminar, full-day workshop, or a series of monthly or quarterly continuing education meetings. Titles are flexible and content can be combined to fit your meeting theme, objectives, and time frame.


Lead and Live with Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm, however you define it, is at the core of all success. Whether you're hoping to achieve a big dream, heal your body, find peace of mind, influence a client, push for a promotion, derive more pleasure from your community or church, or have deeper committed relationships with those you love, enthusiasm can help. Strengthening people’s "enthusiasm muscle" keeps people mentally and emotionally fit and raises morale at work and home. Based on Mary's book, Living with Enthusiasm.

Participants will learn:

  • The secret to waking up with enthusiasm and keeping enthusiasm alive even in the most difficult of times

  • How to beat the blues, shake out the cobwebs, and raise their energy within sixty seconds

  • Five critical reasons why enthusiasm is important

  • Six characteristics of enthusiastic people

  • Seven strategies to keep enthusiasm alive during challenging times

Highly interactive, informative, and entertaining. Great for an opening keynote or breakout session.

Lead and Live with Enthusiasm has also be titled to fit clients' themes, objectives or audience. Examples: 

  • Aging with Enthusiasm

  • Serving with Enthusiasm

  • Managing with Enthusiasm

  • Building Your Business with Enthusiasm

  • Volunteering with Enthusiasm

  • Nursing with Enthusiasm

  • Healing with Enthusiasm

  • (Your theme) with Enthusiasm


I'm So Glad You Asked!: The Power of Appreciative Communication

Optional Title: "Thank You for Noticing!

Appreciative communication is the single most powerful tool we have to create what we want in life and help others create what they want. Words can move people forward or hold them back. This information-packed program inspires people to go beyond small talk, create more connected and meaningful conversations at work and home, and talk comfortably about what is most important to them. This is a highly participatory, insightful and inspiring in-the-moment program and audiences love it! 

Whether they’re communicating in person, by phone, or online, participants will learn:

  • The secret to sustaining powerful, positive self-talk

  • Three strategies to build rapport and get people to listen

  • The four appreciation styles and how to appreciate the four primary personality styles

  • The different ways men and women appreciate and what to do to make both feel valued

  • How to turn criticism into useful feedback and positive action

  • The six-step power praise system for getting better results with others

  • How to use gratitude to build stronger relationships at work and home

This is a great keynote, and also works as a half-or full-day seminar or retreat for team-building, customer service, and personal development.

If you're involved in healthcare, Mary can adapt this program for better patient, employee and physician satisfaction.


Navigating Stress Through Challenge & Change

Technology is designed to increase our productivity and improve our health. Vacations are meant to rejuvenate us. Project teams and flex time are implemented to avoid burnout and strengthen relationships. So why are U.S. companies spending over $300 billion a year to treat employee stress? The pressure to perform, deliver results and sail through it all on an even keel can lead to unrecognized and unhealthy stress. This life-saving, interactive, and fun program gets participants making immediate and lasting lifestyle changes during the program. 

Participants will learn:

  • The top five workplace pressures and how to manage them

  • The single most powerful word to transform stress into success

  • Five danger signs of stress and three key stress-relieving lifelines to prevent them or address them quickly

  • Four communication strategies to deal with stressed out co-workers, bosses, and family members

  • How to manage your energy and results with breathing, meditation and visualization

  • Five practical and enjoyable ways to create and sustain personal change on a daily basis

A great keynote or breakout session to help balance a highly technical meeting, conference, or convention.


My Mother, My Friend

Thousands of questions and 400 personal interviews later, it became clear to Mary Marcdante that health is the number one topic most women need to talk about with their mothers -- and most often avoid or overlook -- followed by nine more topics including money, aging and death and dying. My Mother, My Friend is based on Mary's book by the same name and gives women the skills, confidence, and language to talk about these important issues positively and gracefully, and laugh along the way.

Participants will learn:

  • Two powerful words and four questions that will open the door to a new way of relating between mothers and daughters

  • The ten most important topics to talk about that are often overlooked or avoided through the years including health, money, aging, resolving conflict, and end-of-life issues

  • Seven proven steps to strengthen, heal, and celebrate the powerful and complex bond between an adult daughter and her mother

  • Three powerful communication techniques to support each other in making healthier choices

A perfect keynote program for Women's Health and Leadership Conferences, Appreciation Luncheons, Holiday Brunches, Mother's Day, and Valentine's Day. Or create a special Mother-Daughter event for your organization!


If you are planning a WOMEN'S  CONFERENCE Mary will customize her topic areas, programs, and titles specifically for your women's group. Or ask Mary to create a new program just for your group.

Mary's programs are great for "Girl's Night Out." Mary's 24 hour retreat format helps de-stress and re-energize women from all walks of life, especially Moms, Caregivers, and Professional Women.

NEW!  Women's 24 Hour "Press Pause" Wellness Retreat and "Girl's Night Out" Event

This mini-retreat is a wonderful way to celebrate the women in your community and give them the tools and support to re-energize and reconnect to themselves, their closest friends, and your organization.

Mary guides women during three keynote presentations to "Press Pause" and transform adversity into adventure, boredom into breakthrough, chaos into calm, and depression into delight. (The alphabet of shifting from negative thinking to positive action.)

Your local team fills in between Mary's keynotes with breakout sessions, massages, mani/pedi appointments, coaching sessions, vendor-booth gift shopping, and even Bunco and Bingo games! The options are limitless and an excellent strategy for developing community partnerships and sponsorships.

Participants are able to "Press Pause" with three powerful personal transformation tools that will bring more energy and love into their lives: Inspiration, Appreciation, and Enthusiasm. Life-changing strategies increase life enjoyment and longevity including The Smile Diet, the "Ohhh Effect," "Factor of Five" for healthier relationships, and Gratitude and Laughing Meditations.

Friday Night Keynote: Inspiring the Pause Within

Does the busyness of your day zap you of energy? Has boredom with your daily routine been robbing you of joy? Let the inspiration begin! Reconnect to the inspired woman within whose creativity, love, and power are waiting for an invitation to express your hidden strengths, gifts and dreams. Pause for inspiration, take in the good and transform your life.

Saturday Morning Keynote: Thank You for Noticing, Is There Anything Else?

Are you willing to be your own best friend? Would you like to eliminate the "not good enough" thoughts about yourself and accept the amazing woman you truly are? At the core of a satisfying successful life is practicing daily appreciation: the art and skill of increasing the value of something or someone, including yourself. Learn how to release the comparison demons from your thinking and reawaken the celebration angels in your soul as you pause to appreciate the beauty within and around you.

Saturday Afternoon Keynote: Living, Loving and Laughing with Enthusiasm

Does your energy wane a few weeks after attending an inspiring conference or retreat because you’re back in "the real world"? Do you wonder how to turn your funk into fun, lethargy into laughter, and stay enthused when you encounter difficult times? Enthusiasm - love in action - is the key to sustaining positive energy on a daily basis. Our final Pause will explore six characteristics that will keep your enthusiasm alive through challenge and change and help you share that energy with others.

If you decide that you'd rather keep your event to an evening or day, these programs are available as stand-alone keynotes or breakout sessions -- whatever works best for your event and people attending.


If you are looking for a ONE-OF-A-KIND PERSONALIZED PROGRAM ask Mary to create a presentation unique to your organization's culture and communication or personal development issues. Applauded for her research and interviewing skills, she will create a highly personal and memorable experience for your participants that gets them involved and keeps them connected long after your meeting is over.

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